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Book Review – Become a Freelance Writer by Rachael Oku

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Writing is everywhere. It’s in our newspapers, on the side of cereal packets and in handy leaflets advertising the latest sale around the corner. More often than not, someone has been employed to put that text together, either as a single agent or as part of a larger team.


Book Review – Very Awkward Tax by Emily Coltman

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Value Added Tax, or in this case, Very Awkward Tax is a way of life. It’s a tax on goods and services that we all pay whether we realise or not. At the end of a supermarket receipt it is possible to find a VAT breakdown on the purchases you made, but the situation is different if you are in business yourself. Then the rules are slightly complicated.

Book Review – Dear Entrepreneur by Danny Bailey and Andrew Blackman

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Dear Entrepreneur

The idea of a 9 to 5 job is not for everyone. In fact it can be argued that in this Brave New World of stagnant economies and an emphasis on part time work, that a 9 to 5 approach needs another good look at, or in the case of this book, a total revamp.