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Book Review – Prepare to sell your company, by LB Buckingham

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Selling a business is something that all owners will consider at some stage or other in their working lives. It might be due to impending retirement, or simply an opportune moment to realise the inherent value of an organisation that you’ve built up over many years and now wish to try something else. This book, “Prepare to sell your company”, by LB Buckingham attempts to shed light on all of the things that you will have to do as part of this commercial process.

The book is aimed at providing an owner with a monetary value for their business, and this is to its credit. There are sections on organising the business to make it more attractive to a prospective purchaser, considering a strategy for selling that allows for missed opportunities and probably one of the most overlooked actions – involving the employees in what is going on. This is especially pertinent right now as re-employment is probably one of the most difficult parts of the financial situation we all find ourselves in.

There is also a section on the ‘due diligence’ process that must be gone through to assure all that the company is worth what is said of it. This is probably the most nightmare-ish of the whole process, but LB Buckingham guides the reader through it in a logical and easy to follow manner. Of all the sections in the book, the one that interested me the most was the one regarding protection of intellectual property of the business. A company is not simply the value of the contracts and the scrap value of the fixtures and fittings. Not everything that has value is a tangible item and it is important to recognise this. Once the inherent value of the firm is counted, then a true value can be placed on the business.

This book is a good solid guide to the whole process of selling a business organisation. If selling a domestic property is one of the most stressful things that you can do, selling a company has to be a close second. I would recommend this book as a good way of alleviating most of the problems that you will encounter during the selling of your business.

This book review was originally published on Family Friendly Working, a site packed with advice on flexible work for mums and dads.

Have you enjoyed this review? If you have, click through and buy the book HERE!

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