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Book Review – Business in a Backpack, by Adam Costa & Darcie Connell

In Non-Fiction Writing, Uncategorized on September 14, 2010 at 14:13

What would you say to a business that allowed you to see the world whilst you kept it running via a laptop? Most of us would jump at the chance. And if that same business allowed you to pay for all of your travels…? Well, this book might be the answer. Written by couple, Adam Costa and Darcie Connell, Business in a Backpack tells you how.Structured into easy to read sections, this book talks about Inspiration, Education, Perspiration and Embarkation, the four steps to total travel independence. But whilst the travel idea is an attractive one, there is a further use for this book that starts a lot closer to home.

Imagine having that same business, but rather than seeing the sun rise on the Serengeti or listening to the call to prayer at the Taj Mahal, you could have the same independence whilst doing the school run, or battling the hordes in the supermarket. Bear with me on this one……

The bones of this book are the centre two sections, Education and Perspiration. These teach the would-be mumpreneurs how to build an online business, to create a product with value and how to set your site up to accept e-payment. And there isn’t one, but three different types of business model that you can use to build a clientele. This user-friendly section deals with gaining revenue from either Product Development, driving content around the internet or hooking up affiliate schemes. This means that there’s something for everyone, and the handy small size of the book is suitable to be carried in a glove box or a handbag the next time the kids need to go to swimming club or computer class.

Overall this is a book not to be missed. And if you manage to strike gold there might be enough cash for that worldwide trip.

This book review was originally published on Family Friendly Working, a site packed with advice on flexible work for mums and dads.

Have you enjoyed this review? If you have, click through and buy the book HERE!


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