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Book Review – The heart of Business Success, by Robert Copping

In Books in General on October 10, 2010 at 11:22

The Heart of Business Success - How to Overcome the Catch-22s of Growing Your Business

There are many problems associated with trying to start a business these days. Firstly, there is the doom and gloom that we’re all at the mercy of larger economic forces, and we can’t hope to influence them. And there is always the thought that we really can’t afford to start a business anyway because we don’t have the cash to finance it.

Robert Copping’s book “The Heart of Business Success” understands this and many other things connected to any new startup. He understands that there are many Catch-22’s that a new business owner has to overcome to make his or her venture a success. At the ‘heart’ of this there is a simple flow system (repeated on the cover of the book as it’s so important), which identifies cash, customers and capability to be the key to everything. Once an entrepreneur has understood this, the rest can be helped along.

The book itself is divided into three sections, The Catch 22s of growing a business, Overcoming the Catch 22s and Planning for success. These three sections taken in order lead the reader through easily understood examples of what a newbie should look out for. For instance there is a discussion on how to break the cycle of wanting capital investment, without the necessary experience to justify it.

This book is filled with little nuggets of information that will prove invaluable to any would-be entrpreneur, from the small-scale family business, to one that will demonstrate scalability which will allow future expansion. I think that the best analogy for this book is that it gives an entrepreneur the excess brain capacity to think about the wider picture, whilst having solutions for problems that they come up against. For that reason alone, this book is a very useful addition to a bookshelf.

This book review was originally published on in the Sue Blake Media Online Book Clubon LinkedIn, a site for professionals to meet and network.

Have you enjoyed this review? If you have, click through and buy the book HERE!


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