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Book Review – Mesh, by Lisa Gansky

In Non-Fiction Writing on October 20, 2010 at 21:16

The Internet is a wonderful thing. In the 20-odd years since we have gotten used to email, websites, instant messaging and spam, the world has taken to the idea of being connected wholesale. I cannot imagine a facet of life nowadays that doesn’t have an online presence. Even my Mum shops online now!

It is this world that Lisa Gansky has written her new book ‘Mesh‘, to demonstrate that there is still a world of development and progress that we can make in the virtual world. Whereas, Web 1.0 gave us the ability to connect across continental distances, so Web 2.0, and soon Web 3.0 will give us all a space in a digital world that connects us in a way humans never have up until now.

‘Mesh’ takes the idea of total connectivity and aligns it with a business model that attaches customers not only to the online service or product that they are initially wanting, but two secondary and even tertiary products and services that maybe of use. It’s silver lining are the many case studies littered throughout the book that highlight the many different types of crowdsourced / sharing businesses that can be built using the new Web.

Collaboration in business is nothing new, but the difference this time is that this can now be done for minimal cost over the web. An example given is car-sharing service Zipcar. Why own a car when you can rent a vehicle for the time that you actually need it, freeing up your garage for its true purpose – storing household boxes of ‘stuff’.

The way that the internet is organised allows the car rental place to ally with a payment service (a la Paypal), and a Geo-Locating site to optimise the need of transport with the availability of vehicles. It is this sort of collaboration that will typify the future of online transactions as consumers become more fixed about the sort of trade they’re willing to make.

Overall I found this book to provide a good grounding in future sharing businesses utilising the connectivity of the Web in providing a shared, collaborative vision of the future. Lisa Ganksy has hit a number of nails with her book, and connecting the socialbility of Man with the shared-business opportunities identified show that we are already living in the Mesh.

Have you enjoyed this review? If you have, click through and buy the book HERE!


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