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Book Review – Executive Presence, by Harrison Monarth

In Non-Fiction Writing on October 24, 2010 at 18:17

Executive Presence:  The Art of Commanding Respect Like a CEO

Is there anyone out there who wouldn’t like to be a Richard Branson, a Mark Zuckerberg or a Lord Sugar? I’m guessing that there are quite a few that would love to be in the position of these business titans. But the proper question to ask is what does it take to be a Branson, Zuckerberg or Sugar?

In his book, Executive Presence, Harrison Monarth looks at the factors that make us mere working mortals different from our CEO masters. And the answer is quite simple. Presence. This is the art of influencing people, understanding how they are going to react in any situation, and being able to change behaviours in a way that gets results. The other side of the coin is the effect that you can have by changing yourself – modifying how you are perceived by others, and how that affects how they interact with you. The final aspect is what you do when things go wrong. Master these three things, and you are well on the way to that six-figure salary and the chauffeur-driven car.

This book is full of key information, which will serve you well in your attempt to guide and build up your reputation as someone who can lead, can be trusted and can deliver results. One of the major points of discussion is the effect of personal branding on your rise through the ranks and how it can give you an air of reliable certainty that all large companies are looking for to keep stability and surety.

Whilst Harrison has built this book on his own personal experience in business management, ‘Executive Presence‘ has solid grounding in the latest thoughts and techniques. For that alone, the book is worth its cover price. This is a worthy and required addition to anyone’s business bookshelf, and I for one enjoyed reading it.

This book review was originally published on in the Sue Blake Media Online Book Clubon LinkedIn, a site for professionals to meet and network.

Have you enjoyed this review? If you have, click through and buy the book HERE!


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