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Book Review – The Google Story

In Non-Fiction Writing on April 13, 2011 at 20:06

The Google Story

“Don’t be evil” is the mantra that guides the phenomena that is Google. The pre-eminent search engine and information repository is less than fifteen years old at the time of writing, and is so important that its name, which was once a Proper Noun has become a verb. To Google, is to use the portal in a million different ways searching for the world’s information, that the founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin have dedicated their lives to organising.

In 2005 David Vise wrote “The Google Story” which tells the story of how it all began. From humble beginnings in the Wild West years of Netscape, to the website that pervades most aspects of our internet lives Google is the story of the internet.

Realising that their lack of business experience could be a problem, Eric Schmidt was hired as Google’s CEO in 2001 after a search that is rumoured to have included Apple’s Steve Jobs. His guiding hand has freed Larry and Sergey to concentrate on maintaining the focus on the Google brand, and what it means to information organisation.

Of the world’s internet companies, Google is possible one of the companies with the greatest reach. It’s certainly one of the three most interesting big internet companies of the moment (the others being Apple and Facebook).

The key to Google’s economic success is the labyrinthine formula that allows pages to be ranked according to their popularity and therefore opening up the potential for selling advertising to the optimum webpages. This has been a real money-spinner for the triumvirate of Brin, Page and Schmidt who have diversified into extra-Google activities such as Maps, Blogger and latterly You Tube.

David Vise has captured a story that is only just beginning, but like all the best stories this is just the start. Google will be an internet force for many years to come, and ‘The Google Story‘ is an excellent place to understand where it all began.

This book review was also published on Information Unplugged– Sifting through the data of your life.

Have you enjoyed this review? If you have, click through and buy the book HERE!

    • Thanks for the comments. I try and get to the point of the book, realising that there is only limited space in a review. Otherwise you might as well buy the book. Thanks.

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