Will Roney

Book Review – Telling Tales on Sales by Peter Hammett

In Non-Fiction Writing on April 20, 2011 at 09:37

Everyone, we are told is in sales. In a world, where we all have ‘customers’ or ‘suppliers’, someone is trying to sell something to someone. Peter Hammett’s book ‘Telling Tales on Sales’ is different to the usual books on sales. This difference is due to the fact that this book is the story of Peter’s life in Sales.

From his start in the Plymouth branch of Woolworths to his direct sales experiences in the early 21st Century, this is a book that chronicles a career spent dealing with customers, suppliers and most importantly his company management. All human life is in this book and specific examples have been selected for their own chapter at the end of the book, when Mr Hammett talks about carrier bags stuffed with thousands of pounds, and purchase decisions being made by the family pet dog.

This is not a book that will tell you about the latest selling techniques, or the ways to extract the maximum revenue out of available web-based (or other) technology. This is a story about how Sales hasn’t really changed – it is still about two people coming to a decision over who has the cash, and who has the product. The difference over the years are the products, and the varied individuals who buy them.

If you are after a book that slips underneath the radar and tells it like it is, then this could be the book that you are looking for. Peter Hammett has written a book that will provide endless interest to those who are looking for the human side of modern selling.

This book review was originally published on Family Friendly Working, a site packed with advice on flexible work for mums and dads.

Have you enjoyed this review? If you have, click through and buy the book HERE!


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