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Book Review – Return to the Little Kingdom by Michael Moritz

In Non-Fiction Writing on May 2, 2011 at 15:21

Of the great internet successes of the last thirty years, Apple is in the top three along with Google and Facebook. Depending on whom you talk to, Steve Jobs creator and single focus of the Apple business is either a cultist or a messiah. In the last three decades, he has built a company that dominates the smartphone, music and PC/laptop market. Only Microsoft is larger but doesn’t have the breadth that Apple does.

Return to the little kingdom” was originally written in 1984, and was the result of an invitation extended to author Michael Moritz to document the first ten years of the company. This means that there is a lot of detail about the setting up of the company in the book. This however, is important to understand the behemoth that has resulted.

Apple is a closed company. Its design and production is a mystery to the mere mortals that queue outside their stores for upgraded products. The genius of the company is that these upgraded products can embody development which otherwise would have been part of the background technology noise.

Return to the Little Kingdom” is a little difficult to read in places where the story discusses the minutiae of a particular conversation or a part of the product lifeline that kept the company alive. The real interest, I suspect will be in the Epilogue which briefly looks at the world since 1984 and the ascendency of the ultimate smartphone – the iPhone.

It is a slight disappointment that the 2009 edition did not re-write the Apple story to add more balance to the time narrative across the book. With “RTTLK”  Michael Moritz has written a very important book, that will be looked on as a standard in the years to come. Maybe the next edition could encompass the post-2010 iPad/iPod/iPhone world that many aspire to join, but are interested in knowing where it came from.

Have you enjoyed this review? If you have, click through and buy the book HERE!


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