Will Roney

Book Review – Free Stuff Everyday

In Non-Fiction Writing on May 11, 2011 at 09:23

Free Stuff Everyday GuideIs there such thing as a free lunch? Or do you want a specific type of free lunch?

We all like something for free and Mike Essex is no stranger to this. He has built a website around obtaining free products in return for a review, or other value that he can provide. By his own admission this has included free Christmas trees, and even a free kitchen sink, all provided by companies who you and I can contact to do the same thing.

So how do you do it? How do you get a company to send you something for free? The answer lies in Mike’s new book “Free Stuff Everyday”. Here he has set the scene for anyone to use many different routes to achieve this goal.

The point of the book is not to ‘scam’ products – more to trade skills and free exposure on the Web for a free product. Much is made of the ‘Rules’, and the fact that anyone who tries to obtain goods or services this way does it in an open and fair manner. To make everything transparent, I should say that Mike kindly provided a free review copy of his book so that I could write this review for him. In return, he gets a copy of the review as well as it being posted on a couple of websites and promoted using my @willroney twitter stream.

Free Stuff Everyday” is a useful manual that explores different routes to contacting companies. From emails and letters to face-to-face meetings at trade shows and events, there are no real barriers to making that first contact. Obviously there needs to be something in it for the company to provide you with their latest product, but Mike covers that as well. He includes sample letters and emails that you can use to make first contact.

But the overriding ethos about the book is that any agreement struck with a company must be open and fair, and if the deal cannot be done then that is it. This is a well put together ebook that will provide help to a great number of people looking to trade their skills for free products.


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