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Book Review – Fatherhood by Tim Atkinson

In Non-Fiction Writing on June 1, 2011 at 11:20

The role of a father in his child’s life has developed significantly. When grew up it was novel for a new father to get involved in all aspects of child-rearing, but now in the 21st Century things have totally changed.

This book is one of them “Fatherhood” by Tim Atkinson is a book about childbirth and bringing them up that has been written for dads, by dads. Most other books on this subject focus on providing information to the mother and can seem a little alien to a father-to-be.

What Tim Atkinson has written is a very detailed and informative book that provides answers in plenty that any prospective dad might ask. There are sections on methods of family planning and conception – how to eat foods and supplements to boost chances of success, and how to cope with all aspects of pregnancy, from the types of foods that a mother needs to more intimate questions that we all want to ask but cannot seem to find the words for.

This is not to say that the mother is written out of the book. She does, after all have the most important job to do in this situation. However, “Fatherhood” recognises certain situations where men have to take a temporary back seat – such as in the moments after the birth where skin to skin contact with the mother is at its most important for bonding.

Once the baby is born there is a great deal of information about the things that need to be done. For instance there is the nugget of detail that says when a birth is registered, a dad needs to be present at the registrar if the parents are not married because his name will not go on the Birth Certificate. Or that you have 42 days to register your child or you get a fine. All of these things are important but if you forget them in the rush to provide and care for your new child they can have significant consequences.

As is similar with books of this type, there is a section at the back dealing with websites and books that you can go to if you have any questions about being a father. However, with the information already in this book most of them will have been answered already.

This book review was originally published on Family Friendly Working, a site packed with advice on flexible work for mums and dads. Have you enjoyed this review? If you have, click through and buy the book HERE!


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