Will Roney

Book Review – Eco House Manual by Nigel Griffiths

In Non-Fiction Writing on June 5, 2011 at 11:52

To those familiar with the popular Haynes range of car maintenance manuals, “Eco House Manual” by Nigel Griffiths will be both familiar and shocking. Gone are the rough pages with black and white photos of assembly activities and car parts, and in its place are glossy pages and colour illustrations.

In the same vein, this book moves on from the step-by-step guide to installing eco-technologies into your house. It takes a more wide-ranging view at all of the varied possibilities that a homeowner or developer can take to upgrade a dwelling to make it more energy sustainable.

From rainwater collection to compost heap building, there is a broad sweep of ecological and green activities that any homeowner can consider using to develop their property. There are practical tips on how to make a particular feature work for you, and this is all highlighted using photos of (real) people doing just this, or with the use of informative infographics.

The book is built around nine main sections looking at all aspects of both the basis of doing this work (the WHY?) with possible solutions (the WHAT?). Right at the beginning of the book there is a note that understands that some of these areas will cost or create money, with others only making an environmental impact. This is important if you are looking to green technologies as a relief to ever increasing family budget pressures.

This is a detailed look at the significant emerging lifestyle associated with becoming more in tune with the resources that the Earth can provide all of us. Some of the things talked about will not be appropriate, but there will be enough detail to satisfy anyone who is looking to renovate or develop.

Eco House Manual is a useful book, and one that will inspire many people because of the reputation of Haynes and the detail contained therein. Maybe this could become a springboard for either a more detailed version containing ‘nuts and bolts’ instructions, or a family of manuals more similar to the car maintenance manuals. Either way, this is not a book you will be disappointed by.

Have you enjoyed this review? If you have, click through and buy the book HERE!


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