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Book Review – The Mobile MBA by Jo Owen

In Non-Fiction Writing on June 20, 2011 at 11:41

The Mobile MBA: 113 Skills to Take Your Further FasterEducation, education, education was the soundbite to a previous government, and despite everything this is still true. To succeed in anything, business included you have to be in a state of perpetual learning and development. If you don’t then you stand still and your competitors take the commercial advantage.

Over the last few years the price of entry into this world of continual development has got cheaper and cheaper, with websites and authors providing information for rock bottom prices. Even the gold standard of modern management, the MBA has taken knocks recently as entrepreneurs try and market similar training courses for a fraction of the £thousands that it would normally take to acquire the knowledge.


These training solutions do not give you the qualification that will open doors for you, but they provide access into the thinking that makes an MBA graduate an attractive opportunity for a company. “The Mobile MBA” by Jo Owen fits neatly into this new wave of management training, and his own MBA background provides credibility for what is a clever book on the subject.

For it is not just a book, it is a multimedia portal that allows the reader to engage more fully through the use of QR (Quick Reaction) Codes that link to ‘Skill Pill’ videos. These videos are brief training videos related to the chapter it’s attached to. There are additional videos available, but they come with a cost. The clever thing is the interaction that links the book, to a video, to a saved file on your smartphone that you can access at all times.

The Mobile MBA” is not short on detail either. With 113 ‘skills’ spread across 11 chapters there is more than enough to get your business management teeth into. Its wide-ranging scope looks at subjects as varied as what you should wear to work, how to make presentations count and leadership & strategy advice.

This book is a key conduit for a huge variety of management skills that will allow you to advance your career without a huge financial debt. Its interactivity demonstrates that practical application is key to achievement, and anyone who wants to succeed should consider purchasing this book as soon as possible.

Have you enjoyed this review? If you have, click through and buy the book HERE!


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