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Book Review – In The Plex by Steven Levy

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In The Plex: How Google Thinks, Works and Shapes Our Lives

Google is a truly global business for the 21st Century. The noun has become the verb, something that only few brands achieve in a lifetime let alone in a handful of years. Yet Google has done this, and revolutionised our lives. There isn’t a connected household on the Planet that doesn’t use Google or its partners regularly. The Google company mission statement of  “Don’t do evil” coupled with their policy of organising the world’s information has changed the world.

In Steven Levy’s book “In the Plex” the inner workings of this transformative company are laid bare. Steven Levy was given unprecedented access to Google and its staff to see how the machine is put together, and the result is a book that comes up with nugget after nugget of important information about how they work.

From the 20% rule, where employees spend a fifth of their time on their own personal projects, to the fact that the owners Sergey Brin and Larry Page personally sign off on each new employee, the world of Google is like no other company on Earth. The payoff literally is in the amount of revenue that advertising brings into the business, allowing the funding of many projects official and unofficial. It is a fun house that does serious work, or the other way around – you make your own mind up.

In the Plex” opens this world up for scrutiny at a time when the all-pervasive nature of the internet has reached a critical phase. It has gone from the ownership of geeks and technological genius to the ownership of humanity. It is a consequence of Google, and its ubiquity that web access is now considered a human right.

The application and arrangement of information is largely down to the efforts of Google and its compatriots in the social media arena. “In the Plex” highlights the efforts of the staff to become more universal in an age where communication is becoming more, not less important. This is a very important book for those who are interested in both Google, and how the New Internet Order is shaping up. Traditionally arranged companies are struggling, yet the ones with a more flexible approach to their business seem to be succeeding.

By reading “In The Plex“, the reader can understand a lot more about the efforts of Brin & Page to ultimately set the agendas of the 6 billion people on this giant rock. It’s a hell of a ride, and this book has captured it all.

Have you enjoyed this review? If you have, click through and buy the book HERE!

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