Will Roney

Book Review – Finance for Small Business by Emily Coltman

In Non-Fiction Writing on September 18, 2011 at 15:20
Finance for Small BusinessOf all of the things that can worry a small business owner, is the responsibility to maintain financial records. The threat is twin-pronged in that you need to understand the mechanics of your business, and if you get it wrong then the business might fail. Additionally, there is the worry that you are not providing adequate records to the tax authorities, and there maybe penalties if you get that wrong as well.You might also be confused about how to structure your business, and this is where this book can help you. This is a book that tells you the basics without assuming that you are unintelligent, a trap that some business books fall into. There are sections on how to raise the initial capital that the business is going to feed off in the first weeks and months, to the paperwork that a small business owner must complete in order to satisfy the constraints of HMRC.

The part I found most important was the section on simple accounts. I’ve always thought that accounts were as simple as recording the revenue in versus the revenue out. This is not the case, and I am glad that this book can tell me this.

Finance for Small Business is a very clever book, because it makes finance accessible for the bewildered and confused who have a dream to start a small business, but worry that the benefit of doing this will be matched by the frustration of sorting out the paperwork. Emily Coltman has written a book that matches the high standard already set by Brightword Publishing, and has the demonstrable advantage of being portable across the digital devices that we all have in our pockets. Any small business owner will not be disappointed by reading this book.

Finance for Small Business” by Emily Coltman is a book for just this situtation.

Have you enjoyed this review? If you have, click through and buy the book HERE!
  1. Hi Will,

    Many thanks for this review and I’m glad you found the book useful!

    Kind regards,


    • I thought it was well written and engaging, which is half the battle these days. Glad you liked the review.

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