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Book Review – Killer Facebook Ads by Marty Weintraub

In Non-Fiction Writing on November 30, 2011 at 11:20

Killer Facebook Ads: Master Cutting-edge Facebook Advertising Techniques

Facebook is a global phenomenon. Over 700 million people have accounts, and this number is increasing on a regular basis. The founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerburg is someone who will never need to feel the cold pinch of winter brought about by a lack of pennies to put in the gas meter. He and his fellow investors profit from the business end of the pre-eminent social network, and the ability of the network to use advertising.

In the same manner, there is an opportunity (such as in eBay) to harness the power of the 700,000,000 users to build a business centred on Facebook. By being the conduit between the users of Facebook and products and services that could use that community, you can derive a workable business model that brings in enough income to survive. What this book, “Killer Facebook Ads by Marty Weintraub” does is show you how to use the features within the website to make this a reality.

From placement of adverts targeting the right demographic profiles, to placement of the ads on sidebar of the page, to branded pages Marty Weintraub has built a process that will help you create an income using this method. There is still a lot of effort needed from the user to make sure that the correct Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) are being used, but this book helps you cut through the waffle and find the information that you need to succeed.

There are many books about harnessing the power of social media, but this is one that solely focusses on the biggest one of them all. By following the techniques and ideas formulated in this book, you have raised the game in your favour.

This book review was originally published on Family Friendly Working, a site packed with advice on flexible work for mums and dads. Have you enjoyed this review? If you have, click through and buy the book HERE!

  1. Yeah bookmaking this wasn’t a bad conclusion outstanding post!

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