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Book Review – How to prosper without being top of the class by Cynthia Kocialski

In Non-Fiction Writing on January 28, 2012 at 16:35
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The story goes that Winston Churchill, British Prime Minister and wartime leader rose to the top despite having no formal qualifications at all. This was not a good move on my part when talking to my parents about what I wanted to do with my life and how school didn’t matter. It was a good line nevertheless, but it failed to recognise that his family had money and connections that no doubt assisted him on his way. But it doesn’t account for the fact that there was a time prior to 1940, when he became Prime Minister, that he was a nobody politically. He’d been to war himself, but his overall perception was that of someone who wasn’t likely to achieve the highest office in the land. That he did, is almost as amazing as the subsequent story of his career and his inspirational lead of Britain during some of its darkest days.
I only mention this because there is a perception that qualifications are everything. Parents push children to do better than they did at school, with the hope that they can then do the same for theirs. And in this pushy world the currency is exam grades. Exam grades are everything, and the harsh reality is most will not get the highest grades possible. Most of us (me included) will never see an A-grade in any subject that they take. It’s only the brightest and most able that will achieve this, but this is to ignore the vast majority of the schooling population.It’s tough being an average schooler. You’re in the middle, not getting any attention from your educator. The brightest are paraded as shining examples, and the ones that struggle get extra attention so as to bump up the schools rating in the exam lists. The ones in the middle who get on with school never get a look in, and despair that they won’t get any support when they need it.

The recurring theme of this book is that by focussing on exam grades, you do not necessarily get success. Success is a more rounded result that requires lots of practice, dedication and doesn’t mean that you are the best in the class. If that were the case, many of our big companies wouldn’t exist. Business founders have a dream, and build their vision and skills  but they are not always the elite of their classes. Some visions have to be had by people that are not conditioned by the qualification regime.

How to prosper is a very important book in that it confirms that there are different ways to success, and being top of the class is not always the best way.

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  1. Looks like a great book for those who are planning their career path. Knowing that grades are not everything.

    • I agree, but you still need to work hard, show some ability. But overall, it’s not just about grades

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