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Book Review – Turn your talent into a Business by Emma Jones

In Non-Fiction Writing on February 4, 2012 at 15:56

Turn Your Talent into a Business: A Guide to Earning a Living from Your Hobby


What is your passion? Can you play an instrument, or sing a song? Or can you make something with such love and dedication that it shines? These and other questions are becoming more and more pertinent in this world of self-employment and following your dreams.

It is a terrible thing if you have a job in a corporation which you don’t enjoy. In my opinion, working for a living should be more than that. There should be a spring in your step as you approach the front door on a Monday morning, but for a lot of us this is the thing that is missing. But what can you do to change that – hence the questions above.

Turn your talent into a business” by Emma Jones is the latest small business book to come from the excellent Brightword publishing house, and this book does not disappoint. It takes the usual startup business processes and places them in the context of a creative, handmade world. Starting at this point, there are sections on formalising the business, making sure that there is enough capital to start the project, as well as techniques to get your product into existing shops.

In a similar vein to all of Emma Jones’s books, “Turn your talent...” is peppered with case studies from people who have been there and done it, putting a human face on the trials and challenges ahead.

There are additional sections on trade shows, marketing and in the event of a successful product, the opportunities to take the product into other countries. This is a decent, solid book that no creative person should be without if they are serious about making money from their hobby.

Have you enjoyed this review? If you have, click through and buy the book HERE!


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