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Book Review – The Smart Business Guide to Winning New Work by Pawel Grabowski

In Non-Fiction Writing on March 4, 2012 at 12:31

There are a lot of books that can help you make a difference in your small business. There are subjects you can read up on, from marketing to finance to how you set up the mechanics of your company. There are also books about selling and most of these are written by sales reps who want to divulge the secrets and the stories of their trade.

However, there is a problem with books on selling. Most of us find it difficult to pick up the phone to talk to a stranger in order that we might get an agreement to extract money from them. The discussion on how to do this is rarely had, so it is into a welcome market that “The Smart Business Guide to Winning New Work” by Pawel Graboski is launched.

As the author says in the preamble, this book is about how to make that cold call; to understand when to follow up and also when to land the killer punch that will deliver a sale. With a book focussed on the smaller business, the freelancer and the ‘maybe’ entrepreneur, there is a ready market waiting for this advice.

A distinction is made from the start of the book, that sales is not marketing. Marketing is the way that you can promote an idea or a product. Sales is translating all of that promotion into revenue. And the key to everything, as is with most of business life, is listening, learning and building a constructive dialogue with your customers.

It maybe that the timeframe for selling to different customers is different. One source of revenue maybe a one-off opportunity, the other might be a long-term supply of product stretching across months or even years. Either way the basics are the same – listen to the needs of your customer, ask smart (not stupid) questions to understand what they want, and build a relationship that you can build a commercial agreement on.

With sections on assessing your contacts as to their financial suitability and providing worksheets to organise yourself into making those cold calls, this is a book that is long overdue. There is much to learn from this book, even if it dispels the myth that only certain people are suited to selling a product. With this book anyone can build a sales system that creates sustainable revenue for your company.

Have you enjoyed this review? If you have, take a look around the site. You can also buy the book HERE, with an offer of a couple of free chapters.

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