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Book Review – The Professionals’ Guide to Publishing by Gill Davies and Richard Balkwill

In Non-Fiction Writing on March 14, 2012 at 12:09

The Professionals' Guide to Publishing: A Practical Introduction to Working in the Publishing Industry

Many of us have thought about writing a book. In fact there are websites and self-help books that try and help the aspirant writer to achieve their aims. But what about the publishing machine that gets your book into the local bookstore or supermarket? How does that work and why do they make the decisions that they do?

in their book, Gill Davies and Richard Balkwill open the lid on the publishing world and show how it works. From discussions that try to explain whether choosing a book to publish is art or science, to the work of the commissioning editor and the pressures and challenges they face. This is book about a business and there are the obligatory chapters on how the money flows in and out, making a profit for the company. But there is more to this book than that.

There are also chapters on the marketing of books, as well as how the supply chain works in distributing the books to the places that get them purchased. There is no particular discussion about the way that the digital environment has changed the marketplace; the principal assumption is in the production of a printed physical book at the end of the process, albeit understanding that the digital world has changed the rules.

With a section on copyright forming a prescient wrap to the story of how a book gets published, there is a lot to recommend this book to the person interested in either a career in publishing or just simply from the viewpoint of an author. This is a good solid book to understand the fundamentals of publishing in the modern world.

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