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Book Review – Successful Change Management in a Week by Mike Bourne (Teach Yourself Series)

In Non-Fiction Writing on March 26, 2012 at 09:32

Teach Yourself Successful Change Management in a Week

Nothing stays the same, and yet everything is the same. This is the paradox that we all live with, but it’s not necessarily true in the business world. It is certainly correct that a business survives because it transacts business in return for revenue, but the key thing to remember that how you transact is the part that changes.

It may be that you started off in your business career selling lemonades on the side of the road, but now you manufacture widgets that you assemble in some far-off country. The art of managing change, both in terms of product development or in terms of keeping your business developing in order to survive is key to everything.

In the new “Teach Yourself” series, “Successful Change Management” is a fun but ambitious book trying to teach you how to adapt your business to all the changes that come along to challenge you. It is also about you and your career, and how to stay one step ahead in a business world that changes almost daily.

Split into seven major chapters, “Successful Change Management” is a crucial tool for anyone who wants to know the insider secrets to effectively cope with change.

Change for most people is feared. We all like our comfortable ruts because they are familiar. It is knowing how to tackle this problem will allow you to convince a corporate culture to change, and to change in a way that all of the employees are supporting the idea. After all, if you are the only one changing then the rest of the business is bound to continue on its original course.

This intense week-long book is a shot in the arm for change management practitioners everywhere, and it will spur the motivated to manifest real change in their organisations and in their personal lives.

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