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Book Review – Successful Coaching in a Week by Matt Somers (Teach Yourself Series)

In Non-Fiction Writing on April 9, 2012 at 17:04

Teach Yourself Successful Coaching in a Week

How do you progress your team to bigger and better things? Can you employ trainers and educators to come into your workplace to provide learning and enhance their skills? Or can you do it yourself?

Most people would hesitate at this stage and think that their own capabilities were inadequate. But there is a new book that could change all of that.

Successful Coaching in a Week” by Matt Somers is a book that attempts to teach managers and other interested individuals how to coach not just themselves, but others as well. In a structured, but fun approach to learning the book follows a seven-day pattern to provide “…what the experts learn in a lifetime…”

This is an engaging book that makes the most of the (potentially) restrictive nature of a constrained timescale. There is advice from professionals who have been there and done it, as well as exercises for the reader to follow, to consolidate what has been learned.

From understanding why people learn, to how to manage their listening profiles there are many things inside this book that will give you something new to think about. This is a book that demands to be used, and the reader will benefit from whatever interaction that they have.

Coaching or teaching their teams is possibly the most important role that any manager can take part in. Within this book there is a ready-made process for ensuring that your team is continually developing and learning new things at the foot of an engaged manager.

Successful Coaching in a Week” is a book to build your teams into effective centres of work with a positive outlook – something that the reader will pick up on whichever part of the process they are using.

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