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Book Review – Small Business Guide to China by David Howell

In Non-Fiction Writing on April 20, 2012 at 11:48

The Small Business Guide to China: How Small Enterprises Can Sell Their Goods or Services to Markets in China (Business Bites)

It’s a question of economics. Which country has the potential to be the biggest UK trading partner of them all? Do you want to reach literally billions of people with your product? If your business is ready for it there is an untapped market on the other side of the world delivering growth rates that the West are looking enviously at.If you hadn’t worked it out, China is the place to try and do business these days. With an up and coming young population who aspire to a level of living standards better than their parents, the time is ripe to sell them the Western lifestyle of material living.

In “The Small Business Guide to China” by David Howell, there is a wealth of information typical of this type of book. There are sections on how to partner with a company and how to manage that relationship, as well as sections on how to conduct meetings with suppliers; maintaining the correct business etiquette to ensure everything runs smoothly.

It wouldn’t be a book on China without a discussion about Intellectuall Property Rights. China has a reputation of being a bit of a black hole for IPR issues, with a lot of piracy and blackmarketeering threatening to dissuade nervous copyright holders from trading in the country. However the authorities are taking steps to change this perception, and the ways that IPR is now taken seriously is mentioned in the book.

With the usual plethora of useful and interesting sources of further information, this is a timely and prescient guide to trading in the most important market in the world. With this book in tow, there is no reason why more of us can’t be successful in the Chinese market.

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