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Book Review – Graphics Essentials for Small Offices by David Loeff

In Non-Fiction Writing on May 29, 2012 at 10:44

Graphics Essentials for Small Offices

What is your favourite newspaper? Or your favourite logo? Why don’t you like the others that are available in the marketplace? The chances are that you really don’t know what decision your brain makes in this situation, but the end result is that you will subconsciously favour one over the other.

This choice is one that the graphic designer will try and capitalise on, and in his new book “Graphics Essentials for Small Offices”, David Loeff tries to instil a better way of setting out the advertising and imagery we all see on a day to day basis.

With chapters on ‘kerning’ (never knew what that was until I read this book), good design principles and desktop publishing, this is a book that doesn’t want to you to market your product, but to give you the tools to make your branding and overall presence felt. David Loeff has produced a book that will enlighten you into the importance of getting your typeface correct, and to ensure that the killer photo you took can have the maximum effect in your efforts.

Graphics, other than for its own end, can be a pretty dry subject, as well as being one that most people would think not important enough in the context of small business ownership. However, most appreciation between branding and the customer is subjective as well as being highly psychological. Getting the right mix of images, fonts and spatial organisation is key to getting proper engagement.

If you are interested in attracting more business, and you want to build a platform for your work then your graphical choices are very important. “Graphics Essentials for Small Offices” will be a very useful book for learning about how to use these tools for bigger sales.

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