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Book Review – How to be a blagger by Mike Essex

In Non-Fiction Writing on May 29, 2012 at 11:29

How to Be A Blagger: 2nd Edition

Over the last few years there have been a number of books where the author tries to achieve something arbitary, in the name of simply writing the book. Typical examples are “100 thing to do before you die”, “Round the world in a fridge, but sleeping on friend’s floors” and the one where the bloke used Twitter to get around the world for free.

“How to be a Blagger” by Mike Essex could fall into this trap of simply listing the skills needed to be a successful blagger, and then list the products and services that had been acquired for free. Mike does all of this along with the narrative of the plan to achieve 100 ‘blags’ within a year. He talks about the products that he manages to get hold of, lists the highs and the lows – such as when some of the products had to be returned, and generally provides a little light into the world of PR staff and how they get their brand into the marketplace.

Making the blag work is obviously the key. You can’t pay any money, and you cannot cross the line into theft, if the PR machine want their coffee machine back (as happened to Mike). The blag has several ways of working, from a simple email for a packet of biscuits, to locating and nuturing contacts in appropriate firms.

This is not necessarily a lifestyle that anyone can make work, and it certainly takes a little effort in getting free stuff that you might not have thought were what you want. Blagging is an art form and as Mike found, can be very fragile in its success rate. However, this is an entertaining book from the author of “Free Stuff Everyday” that could allow you to take advantage of a rich stream of modern marketing life.


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