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Book Review – Unmanned Aircraft Systems by Reg Austin

In Practical Industrial Applications on September 3, 2012 at 11:00

Unmanned Aircraft Systems: UAVS Design, Development and Deployment (AIAA Education Series)

Unmanned systems particularly airborne ones are in the ascendant, quite literally. The marketplace for drones, quadcopters and the like is expected to be worth up to $100 million over the next decade worldwide. Applications will be in areas such as the ones we are most aware of at the moment – the military, but there are opportunities in areas where the danger to humans is considered unacceptable.

For instance, the fire department could use a vertical lift UAV to give the firefighters a view of the top of a burning building to see if it was in imminent danger of collapse. Or, the police could use one to monitor crowds at a pop concert. Where there is either a potential danger to life, or a way of replacing expensive single-use equipment with a more multi-role UAV, then the marketplace has significant potential.

Reg Austin’s book “Unmanned Aircraft Systems – UAVS Design, Development and Deployment” attempts to give the reader a comprehensive overview of the issues and technical problems associated with this new sector of aviation. The book captures all of Mr Austin’s experience in the UAV world that he has developed over the last 40 or so years. His co-founding of the Bristol International Remotely Piloted Vehicle conferences has made his name synonymous with this technology, and this book builds on that work.

There are four sections in this book; The design of UAV Systems, The development of UAV Systems, The deployment of UAV Systems and UAS Future. Each is split into further chapters that delve deeper into the subject of how to design and define your new UAV systems. The emphasis is on providing solid concepts rather than aerodynamic formulae, which allows even the beginner reader a foothold into this subject.

From definition of the original UAV concepts to the design and the deployment of that same system, there is something for everyone. There are similar books that provide equivalent resource, but for manned aircraft, and this is a worthy addition to any bookshelf. If you are serious about designing and developing an unmanned system, either for a university course or as part of a business concept then this has to be the starting point for you.

Reg Austin has written a book that defines an aviation niche. Only someone who was not serious about UAV design would ignore this book.

This book review is part of the Practical Industrial Applications series on Startup Business Book Reviews, providing quality book reviews of the business books that matter.


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