Will Roney

Book Review – Your startup company as a business experiment by Cynthia Kocialski

In Non-Fiction Writing on September 5, 2012 at 20:36

There are many books on how to start a new company. Subjects range from how to generate the idea, how to plan and resource your business, and how to market yourself to gain the most exposure. But for some people, the idea of a book is a little, well, 20th Century. There is so much more a business book can be, and maybe this is the answer.

“Your Startup Company as a Business Experiment” by Cynthia Kocialski is not so much a business book, but an enlightened way to conceptualise, build and promote using an ebook, audio and video. This is because the key to startup culture is engagement, and this set of clips gets the wannabee tycoon engaging with their idea to the point where it can fly.

The course is split into seven chapters, Getting Started, The Concept Plan, Building Business Proof of Concept, How to design and conduct business experiments, Common Mistakes, An Investors Perspective & Investor Turn Offs. To cap it all there is also a course ebook that you can read at leisure.

Cynthia has created a two-hour course of information which will seduce the student into understanding why certain things work, and why other things don’t. The end result is a package that allows you to experiment with your idea, to tweak and manipulate it to make the end result more effective. This is a body of work that can really change your future. To miss out would be to definitely miss out.


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