Will Roney

Book Review – Retail Truths by Chip Averwater

In Non-Fiction Writing on September 11, 2012 at 21:33

Retail Truths

Selling is everything. There wouldn’t be innovation in products and services without one person saying that they could do that for you, but for a price. But there are different types of selling. There is the organised, effectively mechanised style of corporate selling that big companies employ to further their £millions of profits. And there are also the retail selling techniques which most of us encounter in high streets all over the world. This is a gentler, more human way of persuading people to part with their hard-earned cash.Chip Averwater has written “Retail Truths” to dispense his experience of a lifetime of selling to ordinary people. Split into a multitude of sections, ranging from how to sell, how to price and how to deal with the reps from suppliers who will try and get you to sell their product in your shop. There are also sections on paying your staff, on how to fire an employee and how to deal with running multiple stores.

This is a book of quotes, stories and homilies that can only be collected if you are living and breathing a particular life. And it is to his credit that Chip Averwater has brought these together. There are such gems as “Complaints are opportunities to create loyal customers” and “Pricing is science in theory, art in practice”. For those that have been taught in the hard school of Branson, Solis and Trump, this book doesn’t give the same clear-cut answers that have been come to expect.

This is effectively a merge between a business book, a psychology book and a lifestory. It does however, put a human face into the story of one man’s retailing experience and the value inherent in that. “Retail Truths” is a valuable book because it focusses on the human contact that makes retailing successful or not. And that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?


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