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Book Review – Screw Business as Usual by Richard Branson

In Non-Fiction Writing on September 11, 2012 at 10:38

Screw Business as Usual

Sir Richard Branson is a worldwide entrepreneur. He needs no introduction to those of us who are business-minded, or to those who have a desire to follow in his footsteps. He is his brand personified, and there isn’t a corner of modern life that hasn’t been touched by the Virgin brand.His new book “Screw business as usual” sets out to take a more meaningful look at how the world can be changed through the engine of inspired and visionary business. With a philosophy built on something called ‘Capitalism 24902’ (read the book), and a new word ‘philanthrocapitalism’, Sir Richard has decided now is the time to give back.

The book starts with a fire on his holiday island of Necker that destroyed his home, at a time when he and his family & friends were staying. This allowed him to consider what was really important in his life, and if there wasn’t another way to deal with wealth and how it contributes to the world in general.

Screw Business as usual is not a compartmented, segmented business book of the usual style. It is written as a story where the Branson family start changing their focus to a more charitable facet of capitalism; supporting charities and using sustainable resources in their endeavours. This is not a book that turns away from capitalism. This is a book that realises that in the words of the former Costa Rican President, Maria Figueres, there is no Planet B.

From stories about providing medical aid into Africa, and introducing renewable fuels with Virgin Atlantic, into trying to tackle teenage homelessness in America, this is a book that promotes and supports the idea that we’re all stuck on this planet together. Richard Branson believes that we all have a duty to make sure that Earth is looked after for all of us, not just the mega-rich, and that by refocussing business we can change the world.

This has been a very interesting book to review. I felt that SBAU has opened another chapter up in the story of Richard Branson by looking at the problems of today and seeing what business can do about them. It’s made me realise that Governmental help is only part of the solution. We all have to do our bit, and that it doesn’t mean rejecting capitalism; more making sure that we can become responsible for our time on Earth whatever business we run.

This book review was originally published on ACEInspire, a site packed with advice on building the skills to UNLEASH the power of the internet.


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