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Book Review – Social Media MBA by Christer Holloman

In Non-Fiction Writing on September 11, 2012 at 10:35

The Social Media MBA: Your Competitive Edge in Social Media Strategy Development and Delivery

We all know social media, right? We can converse in Twitter, plan in Facebook and eat in Foursquare. But what if we didn’t know the difference between our LinkedIn and our Tumblr? What happens when we Stumbleupon when we should be using Delicious?

There is more to social media than just being online. There is a whole industry waiting to take you in a coordinated way, and help you use it as a powerful tool in your business.

With “The Social Media MBA” by Christer Holloman, this communication and marketing tool is brought alive in a book that engages effectively. Christer Holloman has brough together a number of social media experts to give a wholistic view of a tool that supports effective and productive communication.

For it is communication that social media is all about. And this book delivers. Apart from the descriptions of how social media has evolved into a modern force of communication and business, the value in the book are the case studies in the rear of the book. From ARM to Kodak and Sage, there are valuable insights into how real firms have dealt with the monster of social media. With comments from personnel who have been there and done it, this is a unique opportunity to engage with the people at the social media front line.

Looking at the future, there is a section on how social media is developing across the world and identifying how different regions and countries are using social media. These distinct variations will need to be accommodated if you are to (easily) connect with people and organisations across the world.

What this book gave to me was a realisation that social media can be used as an effective resource to get better results for your business. It’s also a place where there are always people willing to offer advice and help you achieve what you want. All you have to do is ask.

The Social Media MBA is a book that could transform the way that you do business. It has done this for other people already.

This book review was originally published on ACEInspire, a site packed with advice on building the skills to UNLEASH the power of the internet.


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