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Book Review – Go Do! by Jeremy Harbour

In Non-Fiction Writing on September 12, 2012 at 21:20

Go Do!: For People Who Have Always Wanted to Start a Business


How do you get started with something as big as building a business? I mean, the more you think about it the more terrifying it seems. There are people that say you should break it down into manageable lumps, so that you don’t get over-awed by the task ahead. But then you might not finish this list of jobs, and you’ll never become that business-owner that you’ve set your vision on.

in “Go Do!”, Jeremy Harbour has tried to answer all the questions that you might reasonably have when making the leap from a (presumed) stable employer, to the Big Bad World of making your own decisions and maintaining the drive towards your perceived destiny. In these straightened times there is even more reason to stay behind the barrier of conventional employment, but what happens if you stay there for the next five years; riding the storm of the Global Economic Meltdown may be the sensible option but will you still want to do that when the ripples from it ease off? Will you still have the passion that will drive you forwards?

There are no guarantees for success if you follow this book, in fact that is one of the first things that the author states. What you will have if you read and digest what Jeremy Harbour has to offer, is the motivation and fire to make that first leap. This will in turn make the second one easier and so on.

Go Do! is a book that doesn’t try and frighten you into following its regime. This is a book that takes your hand, listens to your worries and gives sensible advice. My favourite section is Chapter 4 which discusses the Five Worst Excuses for not starting a business. I myself have wrestled with these, and to be honest the jury is still out, but the responses in the book provide assurances that there is another way if you find yourself up against these barriers.

I found Go Do! to be a readable and engaging book that goes a long way to providing the reader with the motivation and the wherewithall to start a business. If you read this book your life will change.

  1. Starting a business is terrifying, but does not have to be. With realistic expectations and
    following a guide such as the above book , life and business should be much more enjoyable also a good read http://www.businesszerotosuperhero.co.uk

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