Will Roney

Book Review – Recommended by Andy Lopata

In Non-Fiction Writing on October 11, 2012 at 15:27

It seems that in a world of Facebook & Twitter, Foursquare and LinkedIn, that social media is a cure-all for modern communication. After all, think of the number of connections that you can make in a single afternoon via a single tweet or status update. However the important thing is not the mode of communication, but the message.

Humans are social animals, and even the most reticent of people need to talk and to interact with others if they are not going to suffer in anyway. So if we take this primal urge and channel it properly then significant progress can be made in promoting or enhancing a business.Customer referrals are always the hardest to create, the most fragile but they provide the most chance for further business. Who hasn’t said to a friend or a colleague about what is the better product or service to purchase? It happens everywhere, and Andy Lopata’s book “Recommended – How to sell through networking and referrals” tries to tell you how.

The basis of using referrals and networking is that it’s all about trust. You trust the judgment of a second party with respect to dealing with another. Once this trust is in place, you can use various techniques outlined in the book to leverage your message, whether it be focussing on where your referrals should come from or using social media to build a network of like-minded people for your benefit.

The book is written in five parts, each explaining a different aspect of networking and referrals – from choosing the right network for your message, understanding that the scattergun approach doesn’t work and finding better ways to use the value of your existing contacts for the better.

I found this a very readable and accessible book, surprising me with the easy techniques that anyone can use to promote a message – whatever it is. If you are either interested in developing a referral strategy or if you are starting out in business and want to make the most impact, then this is the book for you.

This book review was originally published on ACEInspire, a site packed with advice on building the skills to UNLEASH the power of the internet.


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