Will Roney

Book Review – Become a Freelance Writer by Rachael Oku

In Non-Fiction Writing on December 12, 2013 at 12:32



Writing is everywhere. It’s in our newspapers, on the side of cereal packets and in handy leaflets advertising the latest sale around the corner. More often than not, someone has been employed to put that text together, either as a single agent or as part of a larger team.

“Become a Freelance Writer” by Rachael Oku is focussed on the former and is a step by step guide on how to become economically viable as a writer. It won’t tell you what to write – only you can decide what speciality you want to talk about, but it sends you through a system of tasks which will hopefully enhance your writing and standing to become paid for it.

The key to modern writing is to market yourself effectively, and this is shown by the way the book is broken down into five sections, each one highlighting a different aspect of your work. For instance, the first section entitled “Operate Like a Pro” talks about positioning yourself as a brand leader; as an expert that people will come to for advice and information – thus justifying your writing lifestyle in this area of expertise.

This is a comprehensive ebook, that deserves to be read by all of those who want to write for a living. It is suited to the modern age of global reach via the internet, allowing you to become the writer of choice when industry wants copy to be written.


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