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Book Review – Very Awkward Tax by Emily Coltman

In Non-Fiction Writing on December 12, 2013 at 12:30



Value Added Tax, or in this case, Very Awkward Tax is a way of life. It’s a tax on goods and services that we all pay whether we realise or not. At the end of a supermarket receipt it is possible to find a VAT breakdown on the purchases you made, but the situation is different if you are in business yourself. Then the rules are slightly complicated.

“Very Awkward Tax” by Emily Coltman is a journey through UK Tax Law, identifying the times where VAT is applicable, and how much needs to be paid, along with if it is possible to claim it back. This ebook is structured in a highly readable way, starting with what it is and VAT registration.

Although there is a lot of necessary detail in this book, it is in the detail that the difference can be made. Who knew for instance that the size of a bed in a camper van can determine if a business can claim the VAT back on its purchase? I didn’t until I read this book.

VAT rules are there because somebody has determined that there is a boundary between what is applicable VAT recording / management and what isn’t. This is never more so than in the realm of food sales. Issues like the pasty tax have highlighted the differences in rules regarding selling hot or cold food, and although the permutations of what is and what isn’t applicable are open to interpretation, this book gives a good insight into it.

Emily Coltman has produced a book that will make the complex world of VAT a little less taxing for the reader, and this is worth commending.



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