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Book Review – 50 Ways to make Google love your website by Steve Johnston and Liam McGee

In Non-Fiction Writing on March 24, 2011 at 20:18

50 Ways to Make Google Love Your Website

Telling a story is key we are taught, to getting the message across effectively. This is just as important when considering Search Engine Optimisation which can seem esoteric to the uninitiated. For some it seems like advanced maths, or in the worst case gobbledegook.

Telling the story of how Google organises their search results is the basis of Steve Johnston and Liam McGee’s book “50 ways to make Google love your website“. It is written in an easy-going style that builds a story of how the algorithms work and how a website designer can adopt techniques to promote their interests.

The ‘story’ of the book guides the reader from creating a website for your users, through enhancing its reputation to changing it to fit in with Google‘s mathematic formulas. Rounding off the content is a chapter on analytics and how to measure the success (or failure) of your trials.

But an added bonus to this book are the ’50 ways…’ tables that trail five of the chapters. These provide a useful checklist for key points made in the book. Items such as remembering the Tripod of Love when improving your visibility on Google, or using the long tail of search and creating quality content. This is all to push your website up the rankings and hopefully make it more profitable.

There are many SEO books out in the marketplace, but this is one that uses simple terminology and a logical process to allow beginners to this world, access to its advantages. It is a book that anyone who wants to learn SEO but is wary of being overpowered by facts.

This is an excellent handbook to what can seem to be a black art and should be read by anyone who wants an easy yet informative introduction to Google SEO.

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