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New Site Development

In Non-Fiction Writing on April 8, 2011 at 11:35

I can announce with great fanfare, that the latest site development will probably be unnoticed by you. 21st Century Paperback Writer has been committed to providing pertinent and timely business book reviews.

I have provided these reviews in co-operation with Antonia Chitty and her www.familyfriendlyworking.co.uk site and other business book publishers.

From today you will be able to find an increasing number of links back to www.amazon.co.uk that will allow you to purchase the books that you have seen the review for. This is a great opportunity to read all about it, and see what I saw in the book when I reviewed it.

I would also like to highlight as well, the subscription box on the side of this site. This will allow you to keep in touch with all new developments by telling you when the next review has been posted. I recommend that you do this, as I aim to provide more and more relevant reviews related to small and medium businesses.

Thanks for reading, and if you’d like to comment use the box below.