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Book Review – Become an Advanced Driving Instructor by Colin Crane & Paul Pearson

In Non-Fiction Writing on April 5, 2011 at 13:36

Become an Approved Driving Instructor: And Set Up Your Own Driving School

Become an Approved Driving Instructor is the ‘How To’ guide that is worth the money. It is a guide that focuses on anyone who wants to become an ADI, or run a driving school – from the career-changer to the person who is an instructor now and wants to run their own driving business.
This broad focus does not mean that the information is of no-use. The detail is such that you can choose which parts of the book ar relevant and read those sections only. There are a lot of us who drive and have from time to time thought about using it to earn a few pounds.. However, with most things that we do normally translating that into a business success takes a lot of hard work, and this book leads you through the stages that you need to go through to make it all work.

One of the strengths of this book has is that the authors are both people who have spent a lifetime in other professions before deciding to go down the route of becoming Advanced Driving Instructors (ADI) at a late stage in their lives. The book that they’ve written is as a comprehensive guide to becoming an ADI that I have seen, trying to minimise pitfalls and unnecessary waste along the way.
The book itself was easy to read and organised into logical discrete sections that are easy to follow. The first section looks at the ADI exams, the second looks at the business aspect of being a driving instructor and the third looks at how & what you teach.

The books stated intent is to try an prevent unnecessary failure during this stage, and from a non-ADI this looks comprehensive. This intent is a common thread through the book that tries to ease any exam questions you might have, guide you in the specifics of ADI businesses, optimise training routes, obtain the best car an equipment for the job and with the overall aim of making the efforts of all who follow this path, a success.

Overall, I felt that this book provided a full guide to anyone who might wish to become an advanced driving instructor. There are books available that could probably help you on each section individually, but this one brings them all into one place for an affordable price

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